Choosing the Right Fence for you: Fence Type

There are many purpose a fence serve to a property owner. There are also types of fence that you should know to better serve the purpose you have in mind for it. From vinyl fence to chain- link fences get to know them all and make your decision.


Vinyl Fence

 Buying a vinyl fence is expensive but when you compare it’s maintenance cost and its lifespan to other fences vinyl fence maybe one of the cheaper options. Vinyl fence is maintenance free and if there are other things that you find in your vinyl fence you can just scrub it down with water and soap and your fence is looking as good as new; this is because it is paint resistant.

Aluminum Fence

An attractive peace of fence, that is also low maintenance. You can have it installed and painted and that’s about it. If you are looking for extreme security this may not be the fence you are looking for as it can easily be bent or in particularly strong weathers maybe uprooted.

Wood Fence

An attractive option with the added sense of security and privacy. If you choose the right quality of wood to use it can last you a long time. These fence are popular and can be cheap too. It adds a feeling of warmth and is not so menacing. Consider the height of the fence as taller fence can prove to be more expensive.

PVC Fence

Cheapest material for your fencing needs. It is a PVC sleeve that goes on a wooden stake you can cut down on cost because you aren’t using a lot of wood stakes for this project. A PVC fence can last you for years as it is very resistant it comes in different height and color. They are not as sturdy as other fences but they are still a good choice for the purpose they serve.

Wrought Iron Fence

Fancy and elegant these are the wrought iron fences they are on the expensive side both in having them made for your property and its maintenance; as it needs to be repainted every two to three years. Wrought iron fences are strong and beautiful so if you are going for the look this may be the fence for your property.

Chain Link Fence

A fence that can serve the purpose of a fence and not being too expensive about it. The only thing it doesn’t do to you is it does not offer much privacy to your Dunn DeSantis Walt & Kendrick property. However, it is a cheap fence that can serve its purpose very well. The cost of its upkeep is also low, so that is something that you shouldn’t worry about in the long run. Property owners who are keen on using this fencing type but want a little more privacy can bust out their creative juices. They can try having vines crawl into the fence or whatever it is.

Fences has serve their purpose into keeping us safe from outside people and kept the children and pets safe from going outside the yard and into dangerous territory.